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The John Calvin Publishing House is the publishing company of the Reformed Church in Hungary. We succeeded the Református Sajtóosztály (19481992) in issuing and selling the protestant Bible in Hungarian and other books and printed material neccessary for the mission of our church.
The Bible is published and sold as it is commissioned by the Hungarian Bible Society, the association which carries out the biblework of its 12 member churches in Hungary.
Bible Publishing

The Bible is the main focus of our mission and activites. We issue the different Hungarian translations of the biblical text, and provide a vide variety of Bible editions. Our other products, besides the Bible and biblical parts, aim to lead the readers to a deeper understanding of the Bible, Christian faith and life.

Books for everyone – with Christan commitment and openness
To remain faithful to our mission we want to offer books for a wide range of people: from the children to the elderly, from the experienced Christians to the seekers, from the ministers and ministry students to the elders and the members of the congregations. We do not want to narrow down our targetgroup, rather provide books for everyone.
However we are conscious of our denominational background and emphasize it. This commitment is a priority in our publishing policy. Nevertheless it does not result in partiality or seclusion. Most of our books can be and are of interest to readers of other convictions and non-church goers, too.  


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